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Something looks different around here...

Hello A.V. Club readers. As you probably noticed, we’ve redesigned the site. We think it looks great, and will hopefully be just as easy to navigate as the old site was. (We understand that some people fear change. If you’re one of those people, just hold tight. Everything will be fine.)

The home page is now designed to be more useful in all areas of your screen, rather than simply the left column and the Newswire scroll. The boxes at the top of the home page are promoted—the biggest and/or best stories of the day. This area will change frequently. (Think of it as the main feature roll from the old site.)


Immediately below that, you’ll find the Newswire. There are fewer news stories available immediately than there are currently, but if you click the word “newswire” you’ll be taken to a page with all Newswire stories.

Below that begins the reverse-chronological listing of all other pieces on the site (excluding Newswire—that would just clog it all up). Every review, interview, feature, etc. will get one of these boxes, which are color-coded with little flags and comment bubbles based on which section they fit in.

Below that, you’ll find a widget featuring recent reviews. There’s a tab in case you want to just look at film, or music, or books, etc. We’re treating TV Club a bit differently—it’ll have its own widget just below and to the right of the Reviews widget, because it updates so frequently. Below that, more reverse-chronological boxes, forever and ever, amen.

Those will occasionally be interrupted by what we’re calling jokingly calling p’zones, because nobody was using that name. Those will be a place to call special attention to older A.V. Club stories, videos, or whatever else we’d like you to read.


You’ll also notice a new section called AUX, which is a place where we can cover things that we don’t cover in other areas of the site, like food, or tech, or weird stories that otherwise don’t fit.

You might also notice that we now have a responsive design, which means the design will adjust to fit your browser, including tablets and mobile devices. (No more mostly terrible mobile experience!) We've also removed some clutter and improved load times massively.


There's also an adaptive navigation bar: As you scroll, it not only shows your progress on the article you're reading, but also provides quick access to share tools and the comments section.

We welcome your feedback and bug reports—no matter how hard we try, things won’t look or operate perfectly immediately, so bear with us (and let us know) if you have any problems with the site.


The people who made it all happen deserve a pat on the back. They are: Shawn, Chris, Brett, Kelly, Shaker, Adam, Sean, Mike, Jenny, and Jesse. They are truly their brother's keeper.

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