On January 26, the Disney Channel made a gentle stride into a more progressive era by featuring its first-ever same-sex couple on an episode of Good Luck Charlie, introducing two lesbian moms who bring their child over for a playdate, then show everyone they’re just like normal parents by not scissoring or establishing a golf pro shop in front of the kids. It was, as you might imagine, a controversial subject among those who spend their entire lives looking for things to be outraged about—such as One Million (Totally Not Gay) Moms, who sent out an urgent call for “conservative families” to raise their voices and decry Disney’s introducing these gay characters for one episode, right before they disappear forever, because Good Luck Charlie’s series finale is Feb. 16. Now police are investigating some voices who have been making death threats aimed at the show’s star, Mia Talerico. By the way, Mia Talerico is 5 years old.

TMZ first noted that Talerico began receiving death threats on her Instagram feed last month, right around the time the “controversy” broke. According to police reports, these included messages such as “Die Mia, Fucking die in hell! Kill yourself, you deserve to die.” That same suspect also reportedly sent a photo of Talerico’s head covered by a bloody fist and the message, “Yes, kill you stupid bitch.” Again, Talerico is 5 years old, and the star of a Disney show about an adorable little girl that had lesbians on it one time.


According to CNN, the LAPD is investigating these threats, but will not officially disclose the nature of them (that TMZ has already pretty much disclosed), saying the investigation is “very sensitive.” Along those lines, no one is saying officially that they’re related to the uproar among conservative groups, who may have been so determined to protect the family they called for the head of a 5-year-old. And indeed, maybe the timing is all just a coincidence and there could be some alternate explanation, like maybe Talerico finally messed with the wrong loan shark. We suppose anything’s possible in a world where people send death threats to 5-year-olds.