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Someone’s finally made a Drake fan out of President Barack Obama

No, it wasn't Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Photo: Mandel Nagan/Stringer/Getty Images)

President Barack Obama is an avowed Kendrick Lamar fan: Not only did he dub “How Much A Dollar Cost,” off 2015’s To Pimp A Butterfly, the best song of 2015, but he also declared that Lamar is a better lyricist than Canuck rhymer Drake. The President settled the rappers’ hypothetical hash earlier this year, when he lauded Lamar’s latest album as “outstanding … Best album I heard last year.”

Of course, this was before Views finally staggered onto the horizon, so it’s worth revisiting just how the president thinks the two artists match up. And even though Drake’s latest doesn’t live up to his own hype, “One Dance” is an undeniable jam. Which is presumably why Baracksdubs’ latest video of the president features the commander in chief “singing” Drake’s chart-topping track.

The transitions aren’t quite as smooth as the Hennessy Drake holds in verse, but the edited videos hold up as average karaoke. But if Baracksdubs can manage to place President Obama in one of those weird, lighted boxes Drake squirmed around in for his “Hotling Bling” video, they might be able to really sell us on this.


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