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Illustration for article titled Someone recut the iHer /itrailer with Philip Seymour Hoffman as Samantha

Scarlett Johansson doesn’t appear in a single frame of Spike Jonze’s Her, only providing the disembodied voice of operating system Samantha. That means it’s only natural for video editors to begin pouncing on the footage and replacing Johansson’s voice with that of other actors in an attempt to make Joaquin Phoenix’s reaction shots look even funnier. There have already been parody videos flipping the gender roles in the film, but one intrepid editor took the parody a logical step further and replaced Johansson’s part with Philip Seymour Hoffman. The new trailer reunites the co-stars of Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, though only a few of the new lines come from that film—some of the best come from Punch-Drunk Love and even Along Came Polly. This gimmick will continue—somebody out there is going to turn Samantha into Bane any day now—but it’ll probably never get funnier than this.


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