When it was first announced that ABC would be auctioning off just about every piece of Lost that wasn’t nailed down—and even some that were—the sheer breadth of stuff gave hope to even fans of meager means, who probably hoped that they’d be able to slip in and buy something like a 12-pack of Dharma beer for a couple hundred. But much like the chances for an all-around satisfying finale, those hopes were quickly dashed as the bids poured in over the weekend, topping out at a high of $47, 500 someone spent claiming the Dharma Van. (And by the way, that 12-pack of beer will run you $4,500.)

You can see most of the other exorbitant going prices for Lost memorabilia here and here. Among the other big-ticket items, the person who spent $27,500 on Daniel Faraday’s journal may be slightly annoyed to know that he could picked up either the Lighthouse Wheel or Frozen Donkey Wheel for the same amount or even less, and he wouldn’t have to contend with people saying, “Really? $27,500 for a leather notebook with some scribbling?” Of course, that’s nothing compared to the person who wanted Josh Holloway's plain, indistinguishable boxers so much that they shelled out $850 on them—or especially the $2,000 someone dropped on the “I (Heart) My Shih-Tzu Shirt” that Jorge Garcia wore briefly. Don’t you people know about Zazzle?