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Someone offers to buy Perez Hilton for $20 million

According to an exclusive report from Gawker, Avid Life Media—which owns sites such as Ashley Madison and HotOrNot.com—has extended a $20 million offer to purchase Perez Hilton’s website, a bid that should drive the editor of every struggling city newspaper across the country to start drinking a little earlier than usual today. Gawker has the full letter of intent, which outlines how Avid will pay $18 million to Perez up front, then give him another $2 million in escrow for a year in exchange for becoming the owner and operator of PerezHilton.com. What isn’t known yet is what exactly they plan to do with it, though it’s suspected that Avid will use it to forward readers to an all-new gossip blog it plans to establish, Hilton’s participation in which is still in question.

Also possible is that this may all be a publicity stunt to draw attention to Avid Life’s new venture, seeing as Perez Hilton may not be quite ready to give up his already tenuous grasp on relevancy just yet, and may actually scoff at the idea of taking $20 million to go do something else. Besides, his site is, by last year’s estimates, reportedly worth more than $32 million at this point, which just makes us want to die. Hey, here’s an emoticon that looks like a penis ejaculating; how much can we get for that? 8_______>————-


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