One of the secrets of Doctor Who’s longevity is the way the show’s producers found, early on, a way to create a star-driven show that could replace said star whenever he decided to retire. Thanks to the miracle/plot device of regeneration, the Doctor can take any form possible in his decade-spanning career (so long as said form happens to be that of a British white guy).

The Doctor has been old, young, ginger, blonde, monochrome, puckish, smiling, stern, and every other variant in the vast, diverse rainbow that is possible white-guy looks. But what is his true appearance? Or, at least, his average appearance—the one that all those different actors combine to make?


Answering that question is the goal of this video put together by YouTube user Dave Clipson, which uses simple transformations to merge every canonical version of the Doctor from William Hartnell to Peter Capaldi into one face. Clipson walks the viewer through every step, showing his work and subtitling the whole endeavor with tongue-in-cheek descriptions that make it clear he knows just how silly the whole thing is.

What’s the end result? Surprise, surprise, we’re left with a heavy-browed white guy with a prominent nose. And as befitting the Doctor’s role as a special, unique being, he boasts the very worst head of hair in the entire history of the universe.

[via Laughing Squid]