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Someone made Andy Dwyer motivational posters

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration in our lives. A little guidance, a little wisdom, the occasional bit of encouragement. And who better to dispense such enlightenment than Parks And Recreation’s dumb-but-lovable Andy Dwyer, the role that made Chris Pratt not exactly famous, but famous enough to land the Guardians Of The Galaxy role that made him famous.

Now your days can be filled with the illuminating words of everyone’s favorite layabout-turned-shoeshine boy-turned-government employee-turned-children’s entertainer thanks to Andy Dwyer Quote Motivational Posters. The posters contain wisdom for every occasion, whether philosophical…



…or just embracing life in all it’s messy glory…


Let’s face it, the kitten clinging to a branch and saying “Hang In There!” has served you well over the years. But it’s time to step up your inspirational poster game. Hang up some Andy Dwyer wisdom in your cubicle, and let your co-workers know you’ve got this life thing figured out.


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