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Someone keeps blowing up piles of video game corpses

Screenshot: Orgy E X P L O S I O N 2: The Second… Coming

Dishonored 2 is one of the year’s most interesting video games, in part because of its versatility. You can play it at a crawl, remaining undetected as you prowl through its dark, Mediterranean-inspired fantasy streets and ornate mansions. Or you can go in as an agent of chaos, sword-fighting giant robots and triggering plagues of rats to scamper throughout the city.

A third option exists, though: killing everyone you come across, stacking their corpses into a pile, and then blowing that pile of corpses up repeatedly. As PC Gamer reports, a Redditor named Fattydude66 originally created the corpse pile as a reference to an in-game character’s penchant for orgies. While killing everyone in a sprawling mansion and then dragging them to the same room was an impressive enough feat, it wasn’t until Fattydude66 acquiesced to a request to drop a grenade into that pile that he truly achieved transcendence.


Then, responding to an additional request, he froze time using his character’s in-game ability, so he could walk around the corpses as they soared, dismembered, up and away from the orgy platform.

He followed this up with a couple more videos, each of which has similar results, but he has since gone quiet. Is this the case of an artist running out of inspiration? Or is Fattydude66 crawling around the city of Karnaca, creating and stacking corpses in a new masterwork of digital depravity?


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