Star Wars

Setting a new record in the field of “nerds spending good money on fake Star Wars crap,” auctioneers Profiles In History have announced that someone just spent $450,000 on a spaceship model from the iconic 1977 film. Specifically, the craft in question is the blockade runner, the ship carrying Princess Leia and the Death Star plans, which is boarded at the start of A New Hope. (The runner model holds the distinction of being one of the first objects to appear on-screen in the franchise’s history, right after those giant yellow letters that are always floating around in Star Wars space, blocking transit lanes and crashing into planets.)

Speaking of things that once purported to contain Carrie Fisher, the auctioneers also sold off the previously mentioned metal bikini from Return Of The Jedi, which garnered $96,000, presumably delivered in a mixed bag of paper route money, Gamestop store credit, and Microsoft stock. All told, the memorabilia retailer rang up $7.3 million during the three-day auction event, offering up a ton of items that would serve as the ultimate Christmas gift for the movie buff who already has everything (that doesn’t cost as much as a mid-price sedan). Other items up for sale included a golden ticket from the 1971 Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory ($25,000), Edward Scissorhands’ scissor-y hand ($33,000), the self-lacing sneakers from Back To The Future Part II ($84,000), and a bunch of stuff touched by Harrison Ford: a shirt ($72,000), a bullwhip ($204,000), a fedora ($90,000), and Calista Flockhart (priceless).