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Someone has finally taken the many worms of cinema and ranked them by size

Worms—they are creepy, and crawly, and may or may not be prone to playing pinochle on one’s snout. Film has often used worms in its depiction of disease and decay. But there are a select group of special worms that aren’t like the literal garden variety type. These worms all have personality and memorable moments on screen. But how do they all rank with each other in terms of size? Finally, one group decided to tackle the subject and present the worms properly, from smallest (and cutest) to largest (and most dangerous).

Atlas Obscura, purveyors of many a fine list and interactive map, has assembled a supercut of celebrated worms from such films as Labyrinth, King Kong, Beetlejuice, Tremors, Dune, and The Empire Strikes Back. From the cuddly to the carnivorous, this supercut ranges in genre as well as scalability of its wormy creatures.

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