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Someone has finally combined livestock auctioneers and hip-hop beats

(Screenshot: Auctioneer Beats)

A really good livestock auctioneer’s patter can, after a while, start to feel almost musical. Specifically, a little rap-like. (Seriously, listen to an old Twista record, then go to a cattle auction and see if you can tell the difference.)

The folks behind the excellent Vine account Auctioneer Beats decided to see how far they could push this similarity, and put beats by artists like Schoolboy Q and J. Cole behind clips from auctioneer competitions. (Auctioneer competitions are amazing, by the way, and it is totally reasonable to spend the rest of the afternoon watching them on YouTube.)


Honestly, if these guys put out a mixtape, it would probably do pretty well. It might even help them sell more bull semen.


[Via Laughing Squid]

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