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Someone has already put Darude's "Sandstorm" over the Dune trailer

The only problem with David Lynch’s 1984 film adaptation of Dune is that it was made at a time before Finnish DJ Darude had given the world “Sandstorm.” Before the track’s 1995 release, Lynch simply didn’t have the tools necessary to properly fulfill his vision of the Frank Herbert sci-fi classic. This is not a problem faced by Denis Villeneuve, who wisely waited until “Sandstorm” existed before taking a new crack at the story of a dry-mouthed, knife-fighting space messiah and, most importantly, a whole lot of sand.


Though not an official video, @jacob_posts has mocked up a vision of what Villeneuve is obviously waiting for nü-Dune’s theatrical release to show off: The sandworm’s grand entrance set to Darude’s immortal hit.

Taking inspiration from a tweet by @aniceburrito, the clip is overlaid with “Sandstorm” and cut down in length to present the movie trailer’s most important moment—the entrance of Dune’s big spicy butthole monster—the way it was always meant to be experienced. The song’s drop comes a little too late for our liking, arriving as the film title is shown rather than at the precise moment the sandworm emerges, but this is obviously just a proof of concept. An experienced filmmaker like Villeneuve will use the track to its full effect when it definitely and without a doubt shows up in his cut.

We also expect him to use music in other ways in order to draw out Dune’s most important, subtly-presented theme in his version. Not confined entirely to Darude, we expect Beyoncé’s “Sandcastles,” Jimi Hendrix’s “Castles Made Of Sand,” and Neil Young’s “Cowgirl In The Sand” to be played at important, emotional moments during his telling of a story that’s endured the test of time due to its deep understanding of what sand is like.

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