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Someone finally mashed up The Office with A Quiet Place

In addition to starring, John Krasinski directed and co-wrote A Quiet Place, a clever, ultra-tense new horror flick that’s currently making a lot of noise at the box office. But, as solid as Krasinski is as a struggling father in a lethal landscape where sound can be a death sentence, it’s been hard for fans of The Office to shut Jim Halpert out of their brains. Trust us: You’re not the only one waiting for him to deadpan the camera when yet another monster comes rushing through the corn.

That’s why Media Muse has put together a clip that fuses A Quiet Place with two key Office episodes that help bridge the gaps between the two. Those would be season 8's “Trivia,” during which the office celebrates its longest period of pure silence, and season 9's “The Farm,” where we meet Dwight’s weirdo cousin Mose. Mose is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the sound-sensitive threat in this rendition, and it should come as little surprise that it’s a ravenous Kevin that puts everyone in peril.

Didn’t he get the memo?


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