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Someone finally made a crashed USS Enterprise out of gingerbread

Star Trek Generations Gingerbread (Screenshot: YouTube)

The USS Enterprise, a hallmark of the Star Trek franchise, has been an iconic science-fiction vehicle for the last half-century. It’s only natural, then, that, in their darkest moments, some fans will fantasize about seeing the thing crash and burn, dooming all the passengers aboard.

Redditor ejustice has taken this beautiful dark twisted fantasy and turned it into a delightful and delicious gingerbread creation, just in time for Christmas. The Starship Gingerprise, an instantly recognizable miniature version of the famous ship, is shown plummeting to the ground, engulfed in cottony smoke. Ejustice uses this Food Network recipe for dough: “It proved to be the best for building.” But what really makes the Gingerprise work is the expert decoration, with the candy and icing standing in nicely for the familiar features of the ship. Bonus points for the use of peppermints, which make excellent stand-ins for the Enterprise’s Bussard collectors.

Starship Gingerprise (Screenshot: Reddit)

As if that wasn’t fun enough, another Redditor, nicholmikey, has taken the Starship Gingerprise and pasted it into some footage from 1994’s Star Trek: Generations, the first theatrical film to feature the Next Generation crew. “This one was a little rushed,” the video’s creator admits. Bonus points for including Data saying, “Oh shit!”

Here, for the sake of comparison, is what the crash looked like originally. Whether this scene is made more or less silly by the addition of gingerbread is debatable.

[via io9]

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