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Someone else thinks they're better suited than Mel Gibson to make a Hanukkah movie

Mel Gibson and Joe Eszterhas may have some competition as God’s chosen people to tell the story of Judah Maccabee: Barely three weeks after the willfully blasé duo announced its intention to craft an adventure film about the famed Jewish figure, thereby becoming totally cool with the Jews again, another producer has come along with the exact same idea. Bruce Nash—best known for his work on reality shows like Modern Marvels—has begun developing his own Maccabee movie and Hanukkah origin story as a potential miniseries or feature, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which notes that the film boasts the advantage of already having a completed script from Scott Abbott (HBO’s Winchell). More importantly, it also boasts the advantage of not having anything to do with Mel Gibson and Joe Eszterhas—and while normally the idea of a reality TV producer crafting a Hanukkah movie would barely rate as noteworthy to all but the most ardent ABC Family viewer, Nash’s film could now become something of a rallying point among those still angry over Gibson’s anti-Semitic sentiments. (Of course, this would suggest that Jews might be capable of holding a grudge about stuff that happened in the past.)


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