Sun Kil Moon, a.k.a. Mark Kozelek, has built a nice career out of creating songs and albums made up of intricately produced acoustic guitar arrangements married with deeply confessional, meandering lyrics that come across more like diary entries than anything else. Now, a beautiful genius named Morgan Enos of the bands Hollow Sunshine and Other Houses has bitten that formula exactly and created an alarmingly convincing parody EP titled Under The Canopy that they posted to Bandcamp.

Running just three tracks long, the EP is advertised as “probably the new EP from Sun Kil Moon,” and was recorded to eulogize, “the late musicians Glenn Frey and David Bowie, while commenting on what Mark might be doing today.” With song titles like “I Watched The Movie The Revenant With Leo DiCaprio,” and “Already Gone,” which comes complete with the requisite allusions to boxing and how tired Kozelek probably feels from doing everyday stuff, it’s convincing. If you didn’t know any better, you really might believe you were listening to the real thing, signature gripes and all.