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Someone bought Walter White's underwear for $9,900

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Although some of us are content to hold on to Breaking Bad through the daily mementos of our articles, each post like another wreath laid at its gravesite, others needed something a little more tangible. And expensive: The auction that was recently held to find new, hopefully not broken-by-meth homes for some of the series’ most iconic props ended up raising nearly $1 million for Sony, which now no longer has to resort to selling drugs to provide for its motion picture family. The highest-priced draw was, of course, the inscribed copy of Walt Whitman’s Leaves Of Grass that proved so pivotal to the show’s plot, and will now adorn someone else’s toilet for $65,500. Someone whose screen name is “bbadfan101” and, given recent events, we can only assume is really Jeffrey Katzenberg.


Other big-ticket items: Hector Salamanca’s bell ($26,750); the pink teddy bear, both with eyes ($23,250) and without ($20,250); Tuco’s grill ($20,250); and Walter’s Cadillac ($19,750). That’s right: the dental appliance worn by the show’s earliest villain was worth more than a functioning, if battered, Cadillac, as well as the also-functioning Jeep driven by Skyler ($11,250) and the nice, 2008 model Volkswagen Beetle driven by Marie ($10,000). For a mere $500, you could have even had Badger’s Pontiac Fiero. You can sift through everything that might have been yours here, had only you built the sort of empire that would allow you to spend $9,900 on Walter White’s used underwear. Hell, you didn't have $800 for Jesse Pinkman's boxers. Guess you’ll just have to remember the show in some other way.

[via Variety]

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