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Someone added gore to Home Alone scenes, and they are much better

It’s well known, at this point, that Home Alone is an extremely violent movie. In it, apple-cheeked American kid Kevin McAllister commits numerous crimes and inflicts upon the hapless crooks who encounter him countless lethal injuries. The very premise of the movie is that two old men attempt to kill a little boy, and somehow everyone learns something about Christmas.

However, these new clips of Home Alone with digitally inserted blood spatters drive that point home like a shovel to the skull. The wet squishy sounds also help. Created by YouTuber BitMassive, the clips exhibit the wonderful possibilities that director tampering might yet create—filmmakers revisiting their earlier works not to neuter their creative visions, but to boil them down to the vicious, violent essence that exists within us all.

Somebody: Please make this whole movie.

[via Daily Dot]


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