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The midseason finale of Breaking Bad found Walter presented with a question—"How much is enough?"—accompanied by the very powerful visual aid of a big-ass stack of money. Too much money, as Skyler points out, to even count, suggesting it might be time for Walter to get out of "the empire business" and just build a little money castle with money peasants that he can be Money King of, if he wants to. But of course, "too much to count" is just the sort of thing that the Internet accepts as a challenge, and so Tom Cook, a contributor at crowd-sourced question-and-answer site Quora, actually set out to calculate it, using estimates based on the visible denominations and the approximate volume of the stack. And according to Cook, a rough guess works out to somewhere between $17,500,000 (using a minimum of $2,000 for every bill bundle) and $43,860,000. In short: NOT ENOUGH, REALLY. MAKE MORE METH. [via UPROXX]


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