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Someone acted out an entire Blues Brothers spec script via Twitter

It’s not easy being a TV spec script writer, wandering from packed writer’s room to packed writer’s room, trying to get somebody, anybody, to look at your perfect take on the comedy dynamics of Major Dad and see the glimmer of potential locked within. So kudos to Funny Or Die writer and L.A. improviser Keith Saltojanes, who found a novel way to get people to look at a script he wrote for that cartoon version of The Blues Brothers that Dan Aykroyd currently has in the works: tweeting the entire script as a sort of social media stageplay.

Saltojanes isn’t the first person to “perform” a script this way, using multiple Twitter accounts to display different character’s dialogue in sequence. But those are usually completed projects by other people, not the tweeter’s own original writing. (Also, most of them don’t involve the violence at the 1969 Altamont Free Concert, failing burger joints run by a sad-sack Johnny Cash, or boastful groupies, for what it’s worth.)


And while things in Saltojanes’ version do get a little more sexual than we remember from the original film, there’s still plenty of car chases, missions from God, and old blues songs to knock out all the points on any “Is This The Blues Brothers?” checklists you might have at hand. You can read the whole thing (starting from the bottom and scrolling up) right here.

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