Over the course of the last several weeks, a Twitter user named Marijuana Simpson has been composing an epic screenplay about what are apparently two of his or her obsessions: marijuana and The Simpsons. And now, it appears that Marijuana Simpson is complete, at 5,105 tweets. In the meandering, hypnotic story, the entire Simpson family—including a new brother, Ken—talk at great length about their very specific smoking habits. (Clearly, this author has done some research.) Characters from other mediums appear, too: Sonic The Hedgehog, Bender, and Dick Cheney are all essential to the plot, presumably. (I’m not sure, I’m not high.) Spoiler alert: At one point, Bart becomes a hero for murdering Saddam Hussein. Shit gets real on occasion, too, as when Milhouse tells Bart, “Your bloodlust will never be satisfied. You must pacify it with huge bong hits.” And if you choose to read ’til the end, there might even be some redemption. Some intrepid Scribd user has put the entire thing into a more readable doc, though it misses the occasional illustration of the Twitter feed. In any case, look for Marijuana Simpson in theaters sometime in 2420.