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Somebody won a fully functional Tron: Legacy Lightcycle replica at auction

Tron: Legacy

Some people are not simply content to watch a movie, enjoy it, and then get back to their lives. These individuals will fall deeply in love with a particular film. They may even get depressed about not living in the reality of the film they love. Or they might just want to build a really bitchin’ motorcycle, because it’s the best part of the film that they love. That seems to be the case here, as Paste Magazine reports that a working, life-size replica of the Lightcycle from Tron: Legacy has been sold at auction.

The motorbike, which sold for $77,000, or roughly the cost of two seconds of screen time for Jeff Bridges’ creepily de-aged face, was won by an anonymous bidder, probably keeping their name secret so as to avoid the inevitable jokes around the office. (“Hey, Barry, nice bike, you lunatic who spent 77 grand on a somewhat ridable toy from a bad movie,” for example.) The bike is an exact replica of the film’s Lightcycle, with light-up headlights and an electric motor powered by lithium batteries. The seat is only 28.5 inches off the ground, meaning that its proud new owner will look just as hilariously awkward lying face-down on their new transport as you would expect someone driving a motorbike at roughly knee height to appear.


The price before the auction was estimated at between $25,000—$40,000, so you know they got a good deal. Why make something from scratch for half the price when you can spend twice as much to buy it in an auction at Sotheby’s? Regardless, this means that at least one useful thing came from Tron: Legacy—one useful thing, and no more.

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