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As anyone who’s watched The Great British Baking Show can tell you, presentation is an important part of making food people will actually enjoy. Preparing a delicious cake is only half the battle; the successful baker must also shape, color, and decorate their work carefully in order to make it look as appetizing as possible.

Anyway, with that said, here’s a cake modeled after that scene in the Netflix adaptation of Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game where Carla Gugino strips the skin from her hand by squeezing it through a metal cuff locked to a bed post.


This is very gross, by the way. Very, very gross. Scroll with caution.

Created by Angie Harris—a baker who typically seems to focus on cakes that don’t inspire full-body shivers and the urge to vomit—the exceptionally disgusting work was made for The King Of Horror’s Cake International. Even when placed next to other Stephen King-inspired creations (which include edible corpse legs and gutted pigs) Harris’ cake stands out as one of the grossest things we’ve ever seen. 


Perfect for any child’s birthday party, the cake is a fucked-up replication of what it looked like when the movie showed a mess of cut, folded skin bunched up above exposed muscle, tendon, and bone in the moments before a full-on degloving. After just looking at the cake for a moment or two, bile rises in the back of the throat, the eyes start to water with imagined pain, and the mind fixates on exactly how excruciatingly terrible the pain would be in this kind of situation.

In short, Harris’ monstrosity really gets the tummy rumbling.

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