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Somebody tried to burn down the Mrs. Doubtfire house

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A house prominently featured in the 1993 Robin Williams film Mrs. Doubtfire was apparently the target of arson earlier this week. According to San Francisco police, the Queen Anne-style home suffered burns to the front door and garage after someone used gasoline in an attempt to set the building on fire. “One day into this investigation, and already we’re having hot flashes,” no one from the department quipped, because this is an arson investigation, not an opportunity for referential wordplay.


The house, currently owned by a San Francisco surgeon who often works with transitioning transgendered patients, has become a tribute site to Williams in the wake of the actor’s August 2014 death. The fire was discovered Monday night, when the homeowner—explicitly not having playfully covered his face in frosting or shouted, “Hellooooo!”—opened his door to find that his home’s welcome mat was aflame. Police are currently seeking one of the surgeon’s former patients as a person of interest in the case. They also become visibly annoyed when asked if this is considered a “run-by burning.”

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