Not pictured: feathers, tar. (Photo: MPI/Getty Images)

Suggesting that all those people currently wringing their hands over the fate of various southern Civil War monuments—claiming they can serve some sort of purpose, rather than simply being torn down—might actually have a point, a memorial to Confederate president Jefferson Davis has added some amusement to the world today, by being tarred and feathered by an ambitious group of Arizona activists. The statue in question is just a plaque, not a full statue of Davis, but the effect—initially reported on by a Fox affiliate in the state—is still pretty dramatic.


Tarring and feathering a human being is an ugly, painful, brutal practice, but the stones of the monument don’t seem to have minded their treatment. And if the goal is to remove the dignity and ”honor” of a bunch of guys who actively fought against the U.S. in order to keep human beings in bondage, we can honestly think of worse uses of a bunch of feathers and a bucket of pitch.

[via The Hill]