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Somebody thought it'd be a good idea to sell scented scissors to children

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Growing up, your mom or dad probably told you not to eat glue, chew with your mouth open, and—most importantly—run with scissors. But did mom and pop ever say anything about...sniffing them? Doubtful, so that’s why your good friends at Westcott created children’s scissors that are scented. Accurately—yet also unfortunately—called Sniffs, the scissors operate like the ones seen in elementary school classrooms, but smell like chemically-treated oranges and blueberries. Though blunt-tipped, the scissors are still, well, scissors, perfect for cutting little noses and tongues—if you’ve met a child, you know that when something gets close to their nose, it’s only a matter of time before they’re slobbering on it too.


Amazon reviews of the scissors are certainly divided. One user wrote, “Do your kids have an aversion to putting blades near their faces? Have you tried and tried to get them to be more reckless with scissors, but they still believe in ‘safety first’? Never fear! The brilliant minds at Westcott bring you Scented Scissors—a quick and easy way to bring sharp things and five-year olds closer together.” Sounds adventurous! A one-star review from another stated: “Safety Hazard—Do not sniff scissors! I work to teach children not to put scissors near their face. Frankly in a Elementary classroom this would be a safety hazard. Who approved this?”

Unsurprisingly, all evidence of the scissors disappeared from the official Westcott website after the link was posted on Weird Universe on Thursday. It’s okay, though; they still have scented rulers for sale!

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