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Somebody pitch-corrected The Chipmunk Adventure so the chipmunks sound like adult men

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Alvin & the Chipmunks have been a thorn in pop culture’s side since their 1958 debut: Although the trio has come and gone over the decades, their shrill covers of pop songs remain indelibly carved into our collective memory. Over the years, a number of artists, in an effort to exorcise the voices from their heads, sought to strip away the shrillness from their songs.


None, however, went so far as YouTuber NerdRush. A few months back, they went and reworked all 73 minutes of 1987's The Chipmunk Adventure to make Alvin and co. just sound like regular dudes. “I can’t believe I did this,” they wrote in the video’s YouTube caption. Neither can we. Nor can we believe we’re actually missing all those helium-flavored high notes.

It’s a herculean effort, not to mention a disquieting one, and you can watch it in full below.

It’s hard to imagine the cartoon rodents even more off-putting than they already were, and yet here we are, aghast and defeated. Why must we continue to suffer at the hands of these cruel gods? Like peering into the Necronomicon, there are just certain things humanity was not meant to know. And Alvin Seville’s post-puberty voice is one of them.


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