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Somebody paid $37,000 for Willie Nelson’s braids

An unnamed buyer who either really likes Willie Nelson or plans to perform a voodoo ritual with his hair has paid over $37,000 for his braids at an Arizona auction, according to BBC News. The braids were part of an auction of items belonging to late country singer Waylon Jennings that also included a motorcycle once owned by Buddy Holly (that went for $450,000). Nelson presented Jennings with his freshly-shorn locks at a sobriety party given in Jennings’ honor at Johnny Cash’s house in 1983.

Assuming that Nelson’s braids weigh three or four ounces (the average weight of hair stretching midway down a person’s back, although that comes from Yahoo! Answers so adjust expectations accordingly), that makes Nelson’s hair worth $9,250-$12,333 an ounce, or approximately 17 to 23 times the price of weed at your average Colorado dispensary.


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