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Somebody made an exhaustive chronicle of Tim Heidecker's On Cinema expanded universe

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Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington’s Adult Swim show On Cinema At The Cinema began with a simple premise: The two comedians would review the latest Hollywood releases with tongue-in-cheek seriousness and make hay out of their slightly antagonistic relationship. Since then, the series has become the foundation for a surprisingly convoluted extended universe, one that plays out on adjacent series Decker and off-air via the hosts’ Twitter accounts. In order to keep track of all this finely crafted nonsense, superfan Justin Gaynor put together the On Cinema Timeline, a website dedicated to cataloging all things On Cinema.

This incredibly thorough database not only tracks every episode, but also every guest, character, recurring segment, running joke, and movie reviewed in the last seven years of the show. Want to see what they thought about A Good Day To Die Hard? Just jump to that episode and you’ll see that movie’s popcorn rating, pull quotes from the hosts’ reviews, and any relevant tweets. Are you more of a #GreggHead and just want to relive every “On Cinema On Location” segment? Well, plan your road trip using this handy interactive map. Still not sure why Tim went on trial for murder for an entire season of the show? Watch all those special episodes and get caught up on On Cinema lore.


Perhaps only the cinematic wizards at Marvel have put as much work into building out a richly populated universe as Heidecker and Turkington have for On Cinema. The least you could do is consume all of it, now, as quickly as possible.

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