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Somebody got shot, and Chief Keef was there

A suburban Chicago house being rented to Chief Keef’s manager was the scene of a shooting on Wednesday, and Northbrook police took the rapper into custody and questioned him about it. WGN initially reported that an unnamed person called them and claimed, “Chief Keef shot me!” Keef’s lawyer, though, said that “He wasn’t even a witness. He didn’t see anything.” The unnamed victim is in the ICU at a local hospital, according to TMZ.

This isn’t the first major problem that the 18-year-old Chief Keef (real name: Keith Cozart) has had, umm, this month. He recently got out of rehab and was hit with a DUI. And over the past couple of days, he has posted photos of himself with semi-automatic weapons and cash, with the caption “Another situation. Already.” (When he was 16, Keef was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm on a police officer.)


To learn basically nothing about the Chicago rapper, try hate-watching Noisey’s maddening Chiraq series on YouTube, which embeds a timid Brooklyn reporter with Cozart’s crew. He asks essentially no questions and learns essentially nothing, just nodding in agreement during the very infrequent times that Cozart will actually speak with him. The series then does the near-impossible trick of both glamorizing Chief Keef and treating him like a sideshow. To paraphrase Billy Madison: “Everyone in this room is now dumber for having watched it.”

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