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Recovering child actors Macaulay Culkin and Devon Sawa have been feuding. Sorta. These two men, both of whom once occupied a rarified space in the pop culture consciousness, have spent the past year jokingly sniping at one another online, creating fake websites, and generally having a laugh. Recently, Vulture got Culkin and Sawa to sit down in the same room together and squash their non-existent beef. The result was a surprisingly frank and honest interview with two actors who had uniquely weird childhoods.

“For me, it came from [both of us being] blond, young, ‘90s,” Culkin says in an attempt to explain the origin of the mock feud. “On the podcast, I started introducing myself, ‘Hi, I’m Devon Sawa.’”


Now, it’s pretty unlikely anyone would actually confuse Macaulay Culkin for Devon Sawa, or vice versa. The former made his bones as the charming, precocious youngster in films like Uncle Buck and the Home Alone franchise, while the latter emerged as a teenage heartthrob in movies like Now And Then and Casper. Still, their careers followed similar trajectories, evolving from early childhood success to awkward teen years riddled with box office flops. Plus, they both worked with Seth Green!

The similarities don’t stop there, either. The more these two talk, the more they realize they have in common. They got into acting as kids because they had too much energy. They hated working over summer breaks and missing childhood milestones. And they’ve each made their peace with being an emblem of nostalgia for an entire generation. “It’s not like I have a choice. That’s day-to-day life,” Culkin says. “People view me a certain way and I can’t help that.”

We’re glad these two could finally put their pretend differences aside. Check out the full, very amusing interview over on Vulture.

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