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Somebody chronicled everything Chunk eats in The Goonies

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Like a persistent case of pop cultural bedbugs, Goonies fever is upon us once again. Last week producer Richard Donner confirmed (if you call being badgered by a TMZ camera crew “confirmed”) that a sequel might be in the works, and now the Internet is more excited than Chunk at an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet. Speaking of, this week the food magazine Bon Appétit sent one if its writers on an assignment to watch The Goonies and chronicle every time Chunk eats, tries to eat, references, reminisces about, or audibly pines for food.


In an audacious act of snobbery, the author says she ate “half a kabocha squash [and] an entire head of kale" rather than pizza and Pepsi while watching the film. But she does provide such valuable insights as "I rewound the DVD four times, and can safely conclude that if it is not indeed a cup of milk, it is a very poorly made shake" (in reference to the drink Chunk spills at the video arcade in the opening chase scene). The final tally shows that Chunk makes reference to food 22 times in The Goonies and appears with food nine times, although he only succeeds in eating three things on screen—a handful of potato chips, a couple squirts of whipped cream from a can, and a Baby Ruth. That’s not that much (relatively), which begs the question: Who’s up for a Goonies eat-a-long?

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