About a month ago, during the veritable blitzkrieg of press that surrounded the release of his new album, Weird Al Yankovic participated in our 11 Questions feature. One of those questions is “If a deli named a sandwich after you, what would be on it?” Al gave us this carefully considered answer:

I’d say a fire-roasted eggplant, some roasted red peppers, diced heirloom tomatoes, some thin-sliced red onions—maybe double up on the onions and have some caramelized onions on top of the sliced onions. A little basil, some arugula, some chopped and marinated mushrooms, maybe a slice of fresh avocado, some alfalfa sprouts, a dose of hummus, a drizzle of pomegranate molasses and put it on a warm toasted French roll lovingly sprinkled with some truffle oil.


He probably thought that was the end of that, as did we, but because the Internet has become a never-ending round of exquisite corpse, some intrepid souls over at Consumerist—the blog associated with Consumer Reports—decided to actually make the damn thing, and they documented it all carefully, including some beautiful photos. In short: It apparently tasted really good, but took forever because they made their own pomegranate molasses. (You can just buy a bottle, y’all!)