Screenshot: Spider-Man: Homecoming - Homemade Shot For Shot

The time has come for another Spider-Man movie. No, we don’t mean the recent reboot Homecoming, which fits Peter Parker at last into the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe—we mean the small group of jackasses who recreated the entire trailer for that movie, shot for shot, seemingly in somebody’s front yard.

The video is part of CineFix’s ongoing “Homemade Movies” series, in which charmingly analog sound effects, vocal Hans Zimmer bass drops, cardboard cut-outs, action figures, and really bad acting recreate popular movies. But perhaps the most impressive part of this is the guy who was willing to shave Tony Stark’s terrible facial hair onto his own face. This is craft, folks.


You can check this version out side by side with the original below:

Marvel will presumably reboot the entire cinematic universe in shitty cardboard version soon.