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The music world (and beyond) took another serious blow yesterday, with the news that Prince had died at the age of 57. The outpouring of grief was immediate, as the incomparable musician’s friends and fellow artists tried to describe his impact on their lives (The A.V. Club’s also given that a shot). Among those fans were Stephen Colbert and his bandleader Jon Batiste, who took some time last night to share stories of the icon. Batiste, who had actually worked with Prince in the past, marveled at the legendary performer’s ability to “fill everybody’s hearts.” The Late Show set even assumed Prince’s signature color for the duration of the show.

Tom Hanks, who was a guest on the show, recalled staying up late to watch Prince and The Revolution perform on Don Kirshner’s Rock Show (or something comparable), and sensing that something, well, revolutionary was happening right before his eyes.

Colbert’s CBS “neighbor” James Corden had already wrapped filming on yesterday’s episode of The Late Late Show when the news of Prince’s death was confirmed, but he recorded a special introduction to the show. In it, Corden calls Prince a singular artist, one who honored everyone who had the chance to listen to his music.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, house band Cleto And The Cletones performed Prince songs throughout the night, while Jimmy Kimmel paid his respects during his monologue. He couldn’t resist singling out Wolf Blitzer for botching CNN’s story on Prince, in which he confused Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” with Prince’s “Purple Rain.” But Blitzer wasn’t alone in bungling a tribute, as MTV’s Prince video marathon featured an errant Fresh Prince and D.J. Jazzy Jeff video.