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Some thieves tried to make off with part of Paul Walker's wrecked car

Los Angeles detectives arrested the 18-year-old James Witty yesterday, after the ironically named teenager allegedly stole a piece of the wreckage from Paul Walker’s Porsche Carrera GT. According to witnesses, Witty and another, as-yet-unnamed 25-year-old man tailed the tow truck that was carrying the remains of Walker’s car to an impound yard, hopped out while the truck idled at a stoplight, and—in front of these witnesses and the waking world—made off with one of the Porsche’s T-top roof panels. After a search of the suspect’s home turned up the grisly souvenir, Witty was arrested on suspicion of grand theft and tampering with evidence, as well as being another dismaying reminder of our society’s vulturine urge to scavenge through celebrity tragedy like so much carrion for shit they can sell on eBay.


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