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Some sociopath out there combined Detective Pikachu with Alex Jones

Earlier this week the world got its first glimpse at what it would look like if Pikachu, an electric mouse who works for Nintendo, were a detective voiced by Ryan Reynolds. It was, depending on who you ask ... interesting? Possibly even good? At the very least, the trailer for Detective Pikachu represents a refreshing willingness from a massive corporation to do something unexpected with one of its biggest properties. (Or maybe just to continue an old tradition of making weird-ass movie adaptations of its biggest properties.) Either way, everyone watched the trailer, made some memes, did some tweets, and had a good time with it. Sadly, however, this is the internet, which means that nothing Pokémon Gold can stay, Ponytaboy. That is to say, someone took the Detective Pikachu trailer and dubbed Infowars cretin Alex Jones over it. Sorry.


So, yeah, now Pikachu is a big square meat-freak who is mad about the government turning the frogs gay. Presumably this Pikachu will be spending his time investigating chemtrails and truthering school shootings. Cool. The red blotches on Pikachu’s face make more sense now at least.

If seeing Pikachu with the voice of the guy who once forgot how old his kids were because he ate too much chili is too much of a bummer for you, there’s hope yet still. Replacing Ryan Reynolds with Frank Reynolds might not be the most soothing means of restoring the now-warped Pokémon memories of your youth, but it’s the best you’re gonna get today:

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