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Some people went and animated Colin Trevorrow's unused Star Wars script

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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker is a pretty lousy movie, but, at the end of the day, it’s the one we got. For serious fans of the series, that’s a bitter pill to swallow, especially since the weeks following The Rise Of Skywalker’s release saw the entire script for Colin Trevorrow’s unmade ending to the trilogy leaked, giving them a glimpse of what could have been.


Fortunately for those who would like to dwell endlessly on roads not taken, YouTube channel Mr. Sunday Movies has turned Trevorrow’s story into an animated summary video that, until we see whatever fan project the most hardcore of Star Wars heads make next, provides the next best thing to actually seeing the fully realized alternate movie.

The clip, which is animated by artist Ethan Taylor, runs down Trevorrow’s Duel Of The Fates script over claymation-style scenes. While it isn’t a stupidly expensive Hollywood blockbuster, the video shows us lots of the neat, non-Rise Of Skywalker stuff that could’ve been, like a welcome increase in lightsaber-based mutilations and what seems like a better end to a few of the trilogy’s most important character arcs.


As much as the Mr. Sunday Movies animation makes it seem like this concept would’ve worked out better than what was ultimately made, it’s important to remember that everything looks nicer in our imaginations. Maybe Trevorrow’s version would’ve sucked, too. After all, he’s responsible for both Jurassic Worlds and The Book Of Henry, and, no less important, his script didn’t even include the dude himself, Babu Frik. In light of this, maybe everyone should stop worrying about alternative Star Warses and just be happy with what we already have.

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