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Some people think Conor Oberst and Milo Ventimiglia are the same person, apparently

Screenshot: The Late Late Show (Twitter)

Doppelgangers are clearly in the zeitgeist right now, with everyone and their mother keeping an eye out for suspicious lookalikes in their midst. This fear has also apparently infected the worlds of indie rock and network television, with fans insisting that prolific singer-songwriter Conor Oberst and This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia are the same person. Last week, while his new band Better Oblivion Community Center were appearing on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Oberst and his bandmate Phoebe Bridgers helped squash the rumors once and for all.


Obviously, this theory was ridiculous from the word go. The nation would surely have noticed if indie heartthrob Bright Eyes was the same guy trying to romance Rory Gilmore. Looking at these two guys side-by-side, however, we’re starting to question our own certainty. Bridgers posted a photo of Oberst and Ventimilgia to Instagram, along with a couple older comparison shots that only throw more fuel onto the fire of this conspiracy, adding the caption “The truth is out there.”

This Corden stunt could have been a simple trick of editing, after all. So, until we can be in the same room with these two long-lost twins, thus confirming that they are, in fact, separate entities, we’ll believe anything.

[via Consequence Of Sound]


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