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Some of Star Wars: The Last Jedi was shot on IMAX

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Since Disney and Lucasfilm are in no hurry to release a trailer, it seems like we’ll probably never get more information about Star Wars: The Last Jedi than what we already have—which is pretty much just the title, and even that isn’t especially clear. Thanks to a story from Variety about Disney signing a big deal with IMAX, though, we can infer some details about how The Last Jedi might look. In the absence of any real information, it’s sort of better than nothing.

The Variety report says that Disney and IMAX will be continuing to work together through 2019, with pretty much every upcoming Disney, Marvel, and Lucasfilm movie set to be screened at IMAX theaters. Also, the companies noted that all of Avengers: Infinity War and its untitled sequel will be shot entirely with IMAX cameras, ensuring that the superheroes will look as big as possible.


Star Wars-wise, though, Variety confirmed that “key sequences” of Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi were shot on IMAX cameras, and though that doesn’t really tell us what was shot, we can safely assume that the movie will have some amazing, sweeping vistas that will look really exciting on an IMAX screen. Granted, it would be pretty unusual for a Star Wars movie to not feature some dramatic landscapes, but—as previously established—we still don’t know much about The Last Jedi.

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