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Some Nintendo fans think Papa John’s is teasing a new game console

(Image: Papa John's Twitter)

Considering that video games tend to attract people who are good with technology and also love uncovering hidden secrets, it’s actually pretty surprising that any video game companies are able to keep their announcements under wraps these days. Nintendo isn’t like most other game companies, though, because it primarily operates in a land of magic and whimsy instead of our boring world of dirt and sadness—or at least that’s the impression it tries to give off. Nintendo is working on a new console at the moment that’s codenamed “NX,” and though reports have come out hinting at what it might be able to do, nobody really knows for sure. That on its own wouldn’t be especially noteworthy, but the NX is supposed to come out next March and that only leaves a few months for Nintendo to get the word out about this thing.

That means Nintendo fans are desperate for concrete information about the NX, and they’re apparently turning to some weird places to get it. As reported by Polygon, a mysterious tweet from the official Papa John’s account about a high-tech pizza box or whatever recently drew the attention of Nintendo fans who inexplicably thought it was teasing the reveal of the NX:


Granted, there’s a very good chance all of these people are just making the same joke—as the image is clearly meant to evoke the announcement teasers that tech companies do all the time—but the beauty of the internet is that you never really know what someone means by what they say. So, we’re just going to choose to believe that everyone thinks Papa John’s is planning to announce the NX on October 10.


Although, is that really so crazy? As we said, Nintendo doesn’t do things the way its competitors do, so who can say that it’s not announcing its latest game console through a pizza company? We won’t know until October 10, so maybe we’ll just jump on this bandwagon and get our hopes up that Nintendo’s next system is some kind of pizza box. After all, believing in something ridiculous is a lot more fun than being rational.

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