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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Some news about your favorite web site's writers!

Hello friends. Rather than bombard you with several Newswire posts about the comings and goings of The A.V. Club's staff, I thought I'd hit you all at once. Listen up!

  • As regular readers probably know, Amelie "The Hater" Gillette left our employ to become a staff writer on The Office. Though she has contributed many fine jokes to the show since taking the job, she has yet to be credited as the main writer on an episodeā€¦ until tonight. We assume that the episode, titled "Todd Packer," will focus on Todd Packer, played by David Koechner.
  • Speaking of TV, why aren't you addicted to Onion News Network yet? It airs at 10/9 central on Fridays on IFC. Tomorrow's episode is particularly funny (I mean newsworthy), so there's really no reason not to watch. Or at least DVR.
  • And speaking of joining the big leagues, our own Nathan Rabin was asked to write a piece for the Wall Street Journal defending slackers. You can read that fine piece o' journalism right here.
  • And finally there's this. I'm not sure whether Sean should be flattered, insulted, or scared. Enjoy.
  • Oh, and we're shooting our first Undercover of 2011 in a couple of hours. Huzzah, I say, huzzah.

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