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For a bit of that old ultraviolence, some turn to the milk bar while others plug in to Grand Theft Auto. Based on this overlap, a group of enterprising artists known as GTA Video Series have recreated multiple scenes from Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange by using the open-world video game. Luckily there’s no horrific rape scenes reenacted nor was the Ludovico technique scene remade, but many moments of Alex and his droogs exacting vicious beatings are expertly rendered in this new medium. Accompanied by the original film’s classical score and Malcolm McDowell’s smooth narration, the creators are able to inject a whole new level of menace into a game that routinely finds new ways to vicariously live out violent fantasies.

Stay to the end of the video to see how close the scenes compare as they are played on top of each other as the credits roll. It certainly is a pure horrorshow.

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