The Three Dogateers

We don’t know what kind of money you make from being in a band like Sigur Rós, but apparently it’s enough that you can afford to make investments that lie somewhere between “mildly irresponsible” and “hilarious.” We don’t know how else to describe the fact that Sigur Rós’ Orri Dyrason and Georg Holm produced a movie called The Three Dogateers Save Christmas back in 2014. It’s about talking dogs, it stars Dean Cain, and yes, it’s a real movie. This baffling discovery comes from Grapevine (via Pitchfork), and it turns out that the story behind Dogateers is more entertaining than the movie itself. (Which isn’t especially surprising.)

As Dyrason tells it, he was in Los Angeles and bored, so he went to hang out with an aspiring movie producer friend who happened to be reading scripts by a pool. Together they found the Dogateers script, decided it would be a perfect vehicle for Chevy Chase (who somehow had better things to do), got Holm to throw in some money with them, and the rest is cinematic history. Dyrason says he and the others just did it for the money and had no “artistic ambitions” about it, which is a philosophy that taught him a lot about how record companies operate. As for any diehard Sigur Rós fans who want to track down a copy of this direct-to-video masterpiece, Dyrason says Dogateers is “a horrible movie” that he didn’t even manage to sit through. So, you know, keep that mind.


You can see a trailer for Dogateers below.