A woman with the incredible job title of Space Coast Film Commissioner has spilled the beans about a possible new TV show from some Mad Men writers—nobody's saying which ones—to be shot and set in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and tentatively titled Cocoa Beach. Bonnie King, who presumably has the coolest business cards on this planet or any other, reportedly told the news to Cocoa Beach mayor Dave Netterstrom. (It's not every day that Florida Today gets Hollywood scoops, so good on 'em.) The city has a 50/50 record in the television world, with I Dream Of Jeannie and The Cape (something something Abed on Community) both set there (though Jeannie wasn't filmed there). The idea of creatives from Mad Men working on a show about "the space program of the 1960s and the journalists who covered it" sounds plenty intriguing; if they can add a slave-girl who lives in a bottle, it might even be a hit.