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Fans of the Netflix documentary Cheer know there are no shortage of Navarro’s superlative cheerleaders to root for: Outgoing La’Darius, troubled Lexi, determined Morgan. But it’s safe to say that Jerry Harris has won the hearts of many Cheer viewers: The indefatigable stunter never stopped cheering on his teammates, whether he was “on mat” or not. He became famous for his loud, enthusiastic, inspirational sideline cheering, until he finally made it to the mat himself.


Recently, Jerry took that inspiration out into the real world by “mat-talking” some office workers as they entered their workplace for the day. Those lucky people: We can’t even think of anything as fortunate as having a cheery Jerry Harris greeting us at our workplace entryway, enthusing, “You are beautiful!” “I love your shoes!” “Today is your day, you’re about to kill it!” Some workers greeted him with high-fives, some recognized him and squealed, one even went in for a hug. How could you not have great day after that?

What’s next for this guy: Motivational speaker? Life coach? Sign us up, please. Even the captain of the East Compton Clovers agrees:


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