An image from the dossier

When Jurassic Park came out in 1993, a lot kids got really, really into it. Like, really into it. One of those kids, “Michael M.,” recently re-discovered just how into Jurassic Park he was by virtue of his “Jurassic Park dossier,” which he meticulously put together around the movie’s release. He posted scans and pictures of the whole thing to Imgur, and it’s absolutely amazing. As Michael M. describes it, the dossier “seems to document my time pretending I worked in the computing department of InGen, the genetic engineering start-up behind Jurassic Park.” He continues, saying it’s full of “numerous completely made-up documents like dinosaur tooth records, DNA diagrams, and correspondence between myself, my imaginary colleages, and some of my friends from school whom I’d somehow managed to rope into my delusions.” Michael M. also notes that, when he was 14, he “tried to charm a girl by saying if she ever wanted to know anything about dinosaurs, she could come to” him. After seeing this, it’s fair to assume that never happened.

The Jurassic Park Dossier