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The world loves it some Gundam. The decades-old anime juggernaut propelled itself into pop culture by way of giant robots and explosive war sequences, capturing the attention of global audiences and creating diehard fans in the process. Admiring the design of each mech is part of the fun, and fans have long built their own at home with model kits that require close attention, patience, and steady hands.

For example, a Twitter user by the name of Tosshii recently flaunted a Gundam he and his Japanese schoolmates built using only cardboard. Tosshii and his friends spent nearly two years building an RX-O Unicorn Gundam for a school festival, and it looks like they’ve done an amazing job.


For comparison, here’s the massive Unicorn Gundam statue located in Tokyo’s Odaiba.


Now just keep that thing out of the rain. 

[via Kotaku]


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