All week, certain people on the internet have been obsessed with how, in their estimation and using any Beyoncé video, the singer always appears to be dancing in time to whatever song you throw underneath. The results have varied, and some are dubious at best, but some #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat creations have been pretty funny. Take, for example, the Good Friends podcast’s submission, which mashes together the “Single Ladies” dance and the theme to ‘90s cartoon DuckTales. It’s a little clunky at points, understandably, but overall it really just looks like Beyoncé and pals are so moved by racecars, lasers, and aeroplanes that they just can’t stop their toes from tapping. Full disclosure, though: Once you watch this video, the dang DuckTales theme will be stuck in your head for at least the next week. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.